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Join our Discipleship School to grow in the Lord like never before!

"Our goal is to pour our hearts into your life, share Jesus with you, and believe with you for a supernatural growth in your life..."

Joshua Kelly Ministries School of Ministry and Evangelism is for Christians who have a calling and for those who are willing to commit to a personal discipleship with Evangelist Joshua Kelly and Prophetess Iveth Kelly.


Personal Discipleship

Begins February 10, 2020


Ends March 9, 2020

During this time we will become your personal mentors, keep in touch with you, and pray for you, your family, and ministry.

This school will teach you to move in the power of God and more importantly to live a life of intimacy with Jesus.


We focus on building a relationship with Jesus.

And developing your gifts and calling.

Topics may vary every new school season.

You will be equipped in the knowledge of the word, learn and experience the love of Jesus, and learn how to become an effective and passionate christian who wins souls, expands the Kingdom of God with miracles, healings, signs and wonders. You will learn to develop your ministry and relationship with Jesus.


  • Every Monday at 9pm (EST) 

  • ​(Once accepted you will be added to our private group on facebook)

  • Extra sessions may be added during the week for prophetic word, special messages, Q&A, and intercession over your personal and ministry needs.


No grading required.


This is not an accredited school. It is a personal discipleship intended for personal growth.

"My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power." 

1 Corinthians 2:4

David Diga Hernandez is an evangelist, healing minister, author, and TV host. He has an uncommon grace to guide believers into closeness with the Holy Spirit. Based in Southern California, David travels worldwide to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and heads an anointed evangelistic healing ministry. The ministry’s weekly TV program, Encounter TV, is available in millions of homes globally and features highlights from David’s Miracle Services. His ministry is distinctly marked by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. David is a unique and emerging spiritual leader, called to take God’s saving and healing power to this generation.

“I am so glad to know that people of purity like Joshua and Iveth Kelly have made themselves available to help lay the foundations of the faith. Enrolling in their discipleship program will help you begin right in your walk with Christ.”


- David Diga Hernandez 


Jordan Morris is the Founder of All For Jesus who has a burning passion to see one billion souls won for the Kingdom of God and signs and wonders accompanying the preaching of the word. He believes the uncompromising Gospel needs to be preached with urgency and power more than ever before to every nation, tribe and tongue while we have time. Jordan seeks to inspire a generation to fulfil all that Christ commanded in the great commission, to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, and do our part in pointing the lost in the direction of the Cross. His fervor is driven by seeing others meet the wonderful person of Jesus Christ, the only hope for eternal salvation!

I have had the honor of being friends with Joshua Kelly now for numerous years. During this time I have personally seen him walk out a life of purity and devotion to Jesus. I believe that through this school you will be propelled into your calling for the Kingdom of God. 


- Jordan Morris



Every Monday 

at 9pm (EST) 

$50 One-Time



  • Have the desire to grow

  • Be willing to commit

  • Apply by February 10, 2020  (Last day to apply)

  • $50 one-time donation covers complete discipleship

  • Have a facebook account to be added to private group



Once you have finished the application process you will receive a formal acceptance letter in your e-mail stating that you are officially a student at JKM School of Ministry and Evangelism, and be added to our private group on facebook.

Brandy Taylor,

Student Jan-June 2019

Through the Joshua Kelly ministry school, I got the tools I needed to draw closer to God. More close than I have ever been. I started a single moms ministry that has received many many donations. I received healing in my right shoulder and healing for a bone spur on my right foot. I've lost my desire for worldly things and God has opened one door after another. My heart is exploding with Gods love and I look for new ways to bless others around me . It's no longer I that live but Christ in me.

Aurelia Hernandez,

Student Jan.-Mar. 2019

I thank God for Joshua and Iveth for helping me develop my spiritual gifts! They have been activated through this school.

Sara Almanza,

Student Jan.-June 2019

My relationship with my husband and my daughter changed completely. We could not talk without arguing. Now I feel loved by both of them. We are seeking God together. God also made a miracle with my newborn Ismael. The doctors had said that I would die when I gave birth to my son, or I would be completely paralyzed when it came time to push, but God made him come out alone without any help from doctors or mine.

Adela Castro,

Student Jan.-June 2019

Having been taking these classes was a great blessing for my life. At first I did a discipline to pray, but now it is a delight to be in His presence. I have grown in my character. Incredibly now I feel so happy to know more about God and experience His power. Now I can transmit it to others. I invite you to apply if you wish to grow in all aspects of your life.​

Glenda Molina,

Student Jan.-June 2019

My relationship with God became very wonderful after I began to study at this school, my character changed a lot, my relationship with my husband improved, and above all my most fundamental weapon became prayer. God has started to reveal many things to me and through dreams he has shown me what I have to pray for.

Dorothy Ellis,

Student Jan.-June 2019

This school has been a true Blessing. My prayer life has gone to a new level. My confidence and maturity has increased in the Spirit. I now know that being intimate with God is to have a close relationship with Him. I have been given a firm foundation to build on. My mind has been transformed, and I can now apply God's will to my life, as He now  walks and talks with me on a whole new level.  I am now experiencing God's awesome presence.