Moving in His Healing Power

I remember crying out to God in the back room of our house asking him to anoint my life to heal the sick. I wanted to see people healed so bad to the point I would spend hours crying out for this mysterious power. What I did not realize is that the secret to the healing power of God is not by how much we ask or how well we pray, but rather it is simply just knowing Jesus. I know that phrase seems to simple for it to have any effect on a person with cancer, but we must realize where this power comes from. If we receive the gift of healing, but still don't know the one who gave us the gift then all we have receive is for nothing.

Healing is not to glorify the one who is being used under this power, but it is to point the way to the one who heals. Healing is meant to make people aware of the reality of Jesus, for the healing of the soul is far better than the healing of the physical body. In saying this we cannot point people to Jesus through healing if we are selves do not know who Jesus is. Salvation does not mean we know God, salvation is the opportunity to know God. Salvation is God finding us while living out salvation is us finding God.

I could not understand why my prayers were not working and why my crying out was not producing miracles in the services. I finally got so tired of praying for something that wasn't happening that I simply said, "Jesus I just want to know you." My whole reason for healing the sick changed when I said those words. It was no longer about healing the sick to be a better evangelist, but rather it was about bringing glory to Jesus. If there are any motives in your life that are not striving to bring Jesus glory then it is time to evaluate ourselves and center our lives with the Cross of Christ.

The word of God tells us in countless times it is our faith that heals the sick. The key to every healing is simply having the faith to believe God can perform the miracle. Do you see why it is so important to know Jesus first? How can we have faith to believe God for a miracle for someone else if we don't even know what he's capable of doing? A lack of relationship with God will always result in a lack of his power. God only anoints those he trust and have an interest to glorify him.

Many christians are searching for the secrets to have a miracle working ministry when the very secret is living within them. The Holy Spirit is the one who helps us to know Jesus to the fullest. If there is anyone who knows Jesus in this world no one can know him better than the Holy Spirit. When we have relationship with the Holy Spirit we begin to know Jesus. When we begin to know Jesus we begin to experience faith and when we begin to experience faith we will see the miraculous. How do we obtain more faith the more we know Jesus? Because the more aware you become of Jesus the more you realize how much bigger He is compared to peoples situations.

I encourage you after reading this blog to go to your closet or wherever it is you can get alone with God and simply ask the Holy Spirit to help you know Jesus more. Out of knowing Jesus you will obtain faith to believe for the impossible. Surely there is absolutely nothing impossible for him, there is nothing he cannot do. God is waiting for people who will know him and simply believe that when His word says He is the healer that we will believe it. People who believe His word will look like His word and only then will the world see and believe that our God is the one true God.

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