Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus is the foundation and up most importance of being a christian today. As we yield our hearts to Jesus and pledge a life of surrender to receive salvation, we are entering in a lifetime journey of knowing the person of Jesus. When we receive salvation we are gaining the opportunity and privilege of getting to know what and who Jesus is all about. Many christians today puff themselves up with their fancy titles while others are just glad not to go to hell and never knowing the God they serve. The greatest joy of being a christian is not walking down the streets of gold and having a nice heavenly mansion, our joy of being a christian is knowing we get to experience Jesus.

Many of you might be reading this thinking, "well I know about Jesus so this doesn't really apply to me." Many people know about Jesus including atheist, agnostics, buddhist, demons, etc. Knowing about Jesus does not change you just like standing in your garage does not make you a car. It is not enough to know about him. We must reach that place to where Jesus becomes our closest friend instead of a distant stranger. The more you know of Jesus the more you find yourself becoming like him. When we see how kind Jesus is we begin to find ourselves being kind. When we see how loving Jesus is when begin to love. The more we see of who Jesus is the more our old ways become dead to us. We begin to change into an entirely different creation of where as sin tried to mold us into the opposite.

The world needs people who know Jesus because people that don't know Jesus like they should will only point to themselves. How do we get to know Jesus personally? Jesus gave us the greatest gift any person could ever give, the Holy Spirit. No one knows Jesus better than the Holy Spirit and when we commune with the Him all He will show us is Jesus. The Holy Spirit wont speak or show anything else, but Jesus because it is Jesus who will change us, heal us, deliver us. Whatever you need in life Jesus will always be the answer. Jesus is healing, he is prosperity, he is deliverance, he is salvation, Jesus is life. Until we begin to see knowing Jesus is the very purpose of our lives we will live in misery trying to find meaning in this broken world.

For me as an evangelist it was all about the crowds and how many people I could see healed. The reason for this is because I did not truly know who Jesus was, the only person left to point to was myself. I prayed to be a better evangelist, I read God's word to be a better evangelist instead of trying to find Jesus in the midst of his word and through prayer. Prayer cannot show you Jesus just as the bible cannot show you Jesus until you commune with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will show you Jesus in every little detail because it has always been about Jesus.

I pray that after reading this your whole aspect on life as a christian will no longer revolve around your desires, wants, and needs but that Jesus would be the most important person in your life. Jesus desires to have a relationship with you, he desires for you to know him that you might get rid of your dead sinful ways. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you Jesus and I promise you this your life will never be the same.

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