The Importance of Obedience

September 22, 2018


One of the most important attributes that God looks for in a person is obedience. Even if we never prayed, read the bible, or have even gone to church, if God can see that you will obey him he will use you. In Mark 12 a man begins to tell Jesus that it is more important to follow the commandments of God than to commit burnt offerings and sacrifices to the Lord. Jesus said to him "Your are not far from the kingdom of God." Yes, prayer is very important. Yes, reading your bible is very important. But even if we did all these wonderful things and yet have no obedience it all becomes worthless to God.


God is searching for men and women who not only seek him, but obey every word that is spoken from the mouth of God. Many times God will speak to a person to do something specifically, but refuse to obey. They try to cover it up with prayer or by going to church, but their disobedience to God still remains. I believe that obedience creates trust between you and the Lord. If he can see you that you obey him without hesitation he knows your not in it for you glory, but for his glory.