The Importance of Obedience

One of the most important attributes that God looks for in a person is obedience. Even if we never prayed, read the bible, or have even gone to church, if God can see that you will obey him he will use you. In Mark 12 a man begins to tell Jesus that it is more important to follow the commandments of God than to commit burnt offerings and sacrifices to the Lord. Jesus said to him "Your are not far from the kingdom of God." Yes, prayer is very important. Yes, reading your bible is very important. But even if we did all these wonderful things and yet have no obedience it all becomes worthless to God.

God is searching for men and women who not only seek him, but obey every word that is spoken from the mouth of God. Many times God will speak to a person to do something specifically, but refuse to obey. They try to cover it up with prayer or by going to church, but their disobedience to God still remains. I believe that obedience creates trust between you and the Lord. If he can see you that you obey him without hesitation he knows your not in it for you glory, but for his glory.

I've seen many men and women who became so bold for the Lord and did the most bizarre things. For example Smith Wiggelsworth a man from England threw a dead man against a wall seven times. On the seventh time the dead man became alive and everyone their witnessed an amazing miracle. I've asked myself many times how do I become a person with such boldness that I obey God no matter what. Yes it is a decision that we have to make on our own, but I did not feel like I knew God enough for myself to walk in that kind of obedience.

Prayer and reading your word is what helps us to know God. When we begin to seek after God he reveals himself to us and when he reveals himself to us we begin to see him for who he really is. All these pre-conceived ideas about who you think God is go out the window. When we get into the presence of God we find that Jesus is the embodiment of love, peace, kindness, sweetness and every other good thing. When you begin to have an experience with the Lord at that moment you will be willing to do anything for him.

You'll never want to obey someone who you don't know personally. I remember the first time I really met Jesus I wanted to give him my entire life. Whatever he wanted me to do I would be willing to do it. I was fascinated and in awe of this new friend I had found. Yes, even at that moment I was even willing to give my life for him even to this day.

Prayer and God's word are very important when it comes to obeying God. But we must stop hiding in the prayer closet or hiding behind the bible because we don't want to obey God's voice. I remember a specific moment in my life that relates to what I am telling you now. I was in Pennsylvania preparing to preach that night. I had spent all day with the Lord and was amazed of how precious his presence was to me. In that moment I did not even want to go out of my room. I told the Lord "Send someone else to preach and just let me stay here with you in your presence." The Lord immediately spoke back to me and said, "my presence is not just for you to receive, but it is for you to give. If you do not go I will take it away from you."

At that moment I realized that God had a calling on my life and my purpose in life was to fulfill that calling regardless of anything else. This calling I speak of is not a calling to a ministry or to open up a new church, but a calling to obey the voice of God. Even before God speaks our ears should be prepared to listen and obey his every command.

I pray that as you have read this your hearts desire would not only be to experience God, but as well to obey God. Many people have experienced him, but very few are obeying him. I encourage you to go now and seek the Lord with a repentant heart and ask him to help you and strengthen you to walk in daily


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