A letter to the woman who has been cheated on

October 13, 2019


A letter to the woman of God who has been cheated on,


I know that you feel abandoned, used, worthless, rejected, ugly, like you can’t move on, stuck, and thinking to yourself, “What is wrong with me?”. You might be asking what your spouse saw in the other woman that you didn’t have, why would he turn you away? The devil has been planting thoughts of insecurity, rejection, depression, and confusion. Surely your life can’t go on? You can’t serve God like this anymore? What will people say? What will your future be like? You might even be feeling alone, and ashamed. You smile around people, but deep inside you wish you could tell them what you're going through.


But God has been speaking to me about you this whole week. God has been thinking about you. He has not forgotten you. He has not turned his eyes away from your t