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A man suffering from heart problems was healed on an altar call when we prayed for him. He went to the doctors two days after we prayed and they told him that there are no more problems in his heart. He is completely healthy!

Oxnard, CA

A lady with hearing problems was healed instantly.

David, Panama

A woman asked for prayer because her family was struggling in their finances. They wanted to start a business of their own but there was not much hope of obtaining a space for their business. We declared, "God is going to give it to you in the Name of Jesus." We prayed for their finances and family. She believed and it happened. Now they are blessed and prospering

Fontana, CA

A young man with two tumors in his chest told us the pain completely left him as we prayed. He checked his chest and he couldn't feel the tumors anymore.

San Jacinto, CA

A woman who was suffering from cysts was completely healed.

Oxnard, CA

A lady that had a stroke caused paralysis on her right side. She was unable to move all her right side. We prayed and all the feeling came back! She regained complete feeling and movement.

San Jacinto, CA

A woman who was lying in her wheelchair paralyzed without being able to get up can now get up and move. We prayed for her through the radio station.

Oxnard, CA

The Lord gave us a word of knowledge for disc healing. Three people with disc dislocations responded to the call and were healed instantly.

Montclair, CA

We received a powerful testimony of a woman who was healed from breast cancer. We prayed for her during a conference. She went to the doctors a few days later, and they told her the cancer was completely gone. We give glory to God! 

Oxnard, CA

A catholic woman who who was diagnosed with cancer asked us for prayer! Her doctors were going to do surgery on her to remove her cancer, and the day of surgery they found no trace of cancer. God healed her! She is now testifying of the power of Jesus.

Orlando, Fl

A woman sent in a prayer request for healing of Lymphoma cancer, we came in agreement with her and prayed for her healing. When she went back to her Doctors, they couldn't believe she was cancer free. Jesus healed her!

Orlando, FL

A man who was suffering from lung problems came up for prayer during an altar call. He had months with pain in his lungs, and it was even painful to breathe. Everytime he breathed in heavily he would cough and get sharp pains. We prayed for him, and instantly the pain left, and he started breathing normally. 

Oxnard, CA

I had been dealing with stomach problems for a long time. I asked for prayer to Prophetess Iveth Kelly, she prayed for me. I am completely healed. No more pain. Praise God!

Orlando, Florida

One lady was healed of a fractured ankle as she said she felt a vibration and then a pop. She was able to walk normally without pain after.

Lillian, Alabama

A woman had dislocated her shoulder and couldnt move her arm behind her back. She was in constant pain. We prayed and Jesus healed her. She was able to instantly move her hand and shoulder behind her back without any pain.

Santa Ana, CA

A man who had a torn hamstring was healed. He had just got back from the doctor and other men had to help him just to get out of the car because of the pain. The Lord gave us a word of knowledge for a left leg that was in pain and the man came up for prayer. As we prayed for him the pain immediately was gone and he gave me his crutches while walking and jumping pain free. 

Bay Minette, Alabama

I had back problems from dislocated discs. I had pain everyday. It was uncomfortable and painful to do a lot of normal activities. I came up for healing prayer in Georgia services. I was completely healed. I have been without pain for days. 

Carrollton, Georgia

"I had 10 years of back pain. I would hurt everyday it would make cry because it was so painful, you prayed for me, and I was completely healed no more pain. Even the doctors could not find anything."

- Carmen

Orlando, Florida

Earlier this year my husband was looking for a job and God blessed him with a job. He was also promoted to be in charge of 6 schools. Without even applying! We are better financially! So many things God has put into place. I’m so grateful! Thank you for all your prayers! - Sonya

Orlando, Florida

I've suffered from heart problems since childhood. I am now 19 and I had been praying that God would heal me. The day of the miracle crusade Prophet Iveth mentioned a word of knowledge of a young woman with heart problems. I went up for prayer and felt how my heart literally moved and was completely healed. Praise God!

Oxnard, California


If you have received a miracle or healing through any of our meetings, prayer request messages, videos, or posts. Please share your testimony with us. Lets give glory to Jesus! And declare His mighty acts.

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