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Walking and Living with God is a personal mentoring program with Prophetess Iveth Kelly exclusively for women. 


Membership includes:

  • Live videos 

  • Mentoring e-mails

  • Prayer

  • Being ministered personally

  • Personal calls (*)

  • Community of other women learning to walk with God

  • Group Chats

  • and more

There is no deadline to submit application.


  • Daily life topics

  • Overcoming hardships

  • Different topics in the bible

  • Being a minister and ministering

  • Self-control and character

  • Protecting your heart

  • Being single and living holy (For Singles)

  • Dating (For Singles)

  • Marriage

  • How to walk and live with God

  • Questions and answers sessions

  • Topics will vary, depending on what the Holy Spirit is speaking.


Live videos once a week. Every Tuesday at 8pm (EST).

*Additional lives videos, group chats, and pre-recorded videos occasionally.


When Iveth found Jesus she was 20 years old, there were no mentors available to her, she couldn’t ask questions, and seek counsel from anyone who truly loved Jesus. She desired in her heart to grow in the Lord and have someone she could go to for advice, counsel, and to learn from. 


That is why this program was birthed. Iveth has a heart to teach and mentor. She wants to see people love Jesus, walk with God and fulfill their calling in life. 

It is an opportunity to have a close personal mentor to learn from and lean on. During this mentoring program Iveth will share personally everything the Lord has taught her since she gave her life to Jesus. During this mentorship you will grow in the Lord, and learn to walk and live with God daily.


Every Tuesday at 8pm (EST) 

Monthly Donation


  • $15.00 each month

  • $ 25.00 each month

  • $ 50.00 each month

  • $ 100.00 each month

*Donation amount is preferably what you believe God wants you to give.


Giving more does not give you better benefits than others. Giving more will simply help this ministry to continue changing lives by the preaching of the gospel.*


Your submission will be reviewed.

Acceptance into the mentoring program is based on your application and your desire to grow and walk with God.


Once you have finished the application process you will receive a formal acceptance letter in your e-mail stating that you are officially part of the mentoring program. Then you will be added to our private facebook group.

"Thank you sister for these times. I have seen change in my marriage. Before my husband did not want anything to do with God, or with the church. Now my husband is already coming closer to God and going to church." - Josefina

Woman's Mentoring Program 2019


If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about joining please contact us through this form.

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