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Joshua and Iveth both have a calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. They are both passionate ministers who desire to reach the lost and share the love of Jesus. While being single they were ministering and reaching the lost through street evangelism, and through many different congregations and events. The Lord gave them the same vision and prepared them in their calling while being single ministers. The Lord then divinely connected them, they ministered together in many occasions for several years, they became friends and they fell in love. They got married in 2017 and are now fulfilling the vision that God gave them.

Joshua Kelly Ministries' calling and purpose is to win souls for Jesus Christ and bringing revival fire back into the Church. This ministry has seen thousands of people come to Christ and has seen countless miracles of God's healing power. This ministry is distinctly marked by miracles, the prophetic, and encounters with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The heart of JKM is to introduce the love and salvation of Jesus to as many as possible.



Future Vision:

God has released to JKM a vision for the near future of raising up young people through personal mentorship and discipleship in order to be released into the calling God has for their lives. Joshua and Iveth have a heart to see young people move in the power of God and more importantly to live a life of intimacy with Jesus. They are working on making this vision happen. Together they will give young people an opportunity to travel with them, mentor them, and give them an opportunity to use and develop their gifting and callings in different nations around the world showing them the potential they have through Christ.

Joshua Kelly Ministries has a heart and desire to bless the nations of the world through giving. They are currently partnered with an Orphanage in Africa that houses 200 children. You may click on the "Awaken Love for Africa" tab for more information. While Iveth served and pastored in Oxnard, CA she was able to help feed the hungry in her city through the local food bank. She and a team would prepare boxes of food for the community once a week. Joshua has also been able to visit an Orphanage in Africa to bless them. Together they have a future vision of helping the needy, feeding the hungry, and helping orphanages around the world.